Interior Film

KCC GLASS Corporation’s VICENTI is a surface finish for furniture and molding materials. Its excellent pattern and color options complement any residential and offices space. Unlike deco sheets where films are applied to the surface to create different texture, it has an adhesive applied to the back and can be used at the site.

In particular, offers a broad range of colors, patterns and textures, such as wood and metal, and can be applied easily like stickers.

Decoration Sheet “VICENTI”

KCC GLASS Corporation's Decoration Sheet “VICENTI”, is a premium eco-friendly interior finishing material with realistic patterns, textures, and luxurious and beautiful colors that can meet the high standards of quality.

Product Features
Layers Features
Clear Film Durable and resistant to wear Protects the print layer
Print Layer Create design (pattern)
Base Film Enhance the printed color
  • Various pattern and color options are available to choose from, e.g. wood, solid and leather.
  • KCC GLASS's exclusive transfer printing process creates vibrant designs. (X series)
  • Contain no phthalate plasticizers (BBP, DBP, DEHP) and heavy metals that are harmful to the human body.
  • Acquired major eco-friendly certifications in Korea.
    (Environmental label certification / Eco-friendly building material certification (Highest HB class))
STYLE Series

It goes well with the latest interior trends as it reproduces the delicate textures of real ones through a special embo process.

Y Series

It is a flagship decoration sheet of KCC GLASS Corporation which can be widely applied to all kinds of spaces. Its patterns of wood, stone, leather and etc. make it easy to be applied to various interiors from modern to classic.


It creates simple and unique mood through a trendy composition of diverse colors and a realistic metal texture.

Areas of Application Product Application Remarks
Furniture / Kitchen Furniture
Inside (Body) 0.15mm overlay Membrane types maintain moldability
and surface smoothness when processed
Outside (Door) 0.35mm membrane
0.20mm overlay
Wooden Door (Frame, Panel)
Frame 0.20mm wrapping Thick types are applied for
resistance to scratches and dents.
Panel 0.35mm membrane
0.20mm overlay
(ABS door)
PVC Window
Common 0.20mm wrapping
(high weatherability)
High weatherability films are applied to prevent discoloration.
Molding, Art Wall, System Shelf
Common 0.20mm wrapping Thick types are applied for
resistance to scratches and dents.
STYLE Series
Y Series
Product Line
NO. Product Technical Details
1 Decoration Sheet VICENTI X Series View Technical Details
2 Decoration Sheet VICENTI Y Series View Technical Details
3 Decoration Sheet VICENTI A Series View Technical Details

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Interior Film “VICENTI”

KCC GLASS Corporation's Interior Film “VICENTI”, has been certified for its flame retardance and fire safety. Various color options and detailed patterns create a stylish and vibrant environment.

Product Features
Type 2PLY 3PLY
Thickness (mm) 0.21 0.25
Width (mm) 1,220 1,220
Length (M) 50 50
  • Certified by the Korea Fire Institute for flame retardance and fire safety.
    * Flame Retardance:  prevent or retard the propagation of fire for a certain period of time
  • Contains no phthalate plasticizers (BBP, DBP and DEHP) and heavy metals that are harmful to human body.
    * Phthalate plasticizer: a type of plasticizer used as a raw material during interior film processing,
    which has harmful effects on body such as imbalance in hormone secretion, female infertility and decline of immunization.
  • KCC GLASS's exclusive transfer printing process creates vibrant designs.
  • A variety of textures (e.g. wood, stone, fabric, leather, solid and metal) are available to choose from according to customers’ preference.
Modern and Stylish Young Classic

SOFT Style reinterprets Classic sensibility of elegance, and it is reborn as a young-sense classic that emphasizes modernity and splendor. A combination of colored furniture using gold color, you can feel a simple but gorgeous atmosphere at the same time, and it is a space that warms our hearts.

Chic and Comfortable Modern Style

TRENDY with a modern style pursues a more comfortable and stylish style. It is characterized by using monotone color to feel dignity and sophistication simultaneously, The combination of concise form and natural materials pursues a chic and comfortable modern style.

Healing Space in Warm and Comfortable Nature

Organic is a natural modern concept that provides a space for relaxation in a warm and comfortable style. Combining natural materials with bright and warm colors makes you a cozy feeling. This concept is designed for those who want to relax in nature with a concept that is not artificial and flows naturally.

Advertisement Film (Graphic Film)

KCC GLASS Corporation's Advertisement Film (Graphic Film) is used for various types of outdoor space, e.g. walls, windows, transportation facilities / transportation, and fences, with excellent weather resistance and high printing quality.

Product Features
Type Uses Adhesive PVC Fabric Adhesive+Release Paper Remarks
Universal Transparent permanent 100㎛ 25㎛ ±10㎛
MCM31G Universal Transparent removal 80㎛ 25㎛ ±10㎛
MCC11G Transparent Transparent permanent 90㎛ 25㎛ ±10㎛
MCO21G Splice Plate Gray permanent 80㎛ 25㎛ ±10㎛
MCV51G Vehicle Gray reposition 80㎛ 25㎛ ±10㎛
Coating Paper Transparent permanent 70㎛ 25㎛ ±10㎛
Dimensions (mm) 1,050 / 1,270 / 1,370 / 1,520
Winding (m) 50
  • Compatible
    HP, Can be printed using various printers e.g. HP, Epson, Marcus, Muto, and Roland
  • Weatherable
    Suited for outdoor advertising films thanks to excellent weatherability and adhesive strength achieved by special formula
  • Printing quality
    Various types of ink can be applied for high printing quality
  • Convenient
    Dries quickly after printing without smudges
Product Line
NO. Product Technical Details
No product list is found.

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High Weatherability Sheet

KCC GLASS Corporation's High Weatherability Sheet can withstand environmental factors such as strong wind, direct sunlight, UV rays, moisture, and heavy snow, and resistant to discoloration, deformation or wear even in outdoor environments.

Product Features
Composition Layer Features
Acrylic film
(transparent layer) - PMMA
UV protection / improved durability
Weatherable printed layer Create design (pattern)
Weatherable color underlayer (fabric) Enhance color
  • Certified by the German Window Association RAL
  • Various color and design options (solid, wood)
  • Easy installation compared to coating finish
  • Excellent weatherability in outdoor environment (strong wind, direct sunlight, UV rays, moisture and heavy snow)
  • Durable (resistance to discoloration, deformation and abrasion) and chemical resistance
  • Eco-friendly finishing material without harmful substances (Non-DOP, BTX free)
Y Series

Various wood colors and patterns are available to choose from.

A Series

Various patterns (e.g. solid) create an elegant look.

Areas of Application Product Remarks
Window (outer window) 0.20mm wrapping In addition to windows, it can be used for outdoor facilities
적용사례 적용사례

VICENTI FURNITURE is a surface finish for general and kitchen furniture which satisfies the standards for health-friendly housing construction. Its beautiful and elegant colors and excellent surface textures create luxurious spaces.

Product Features
Eco-friendly Material
  • Obtained the highest grade of HB (Healthy Building Material) Mark
  • Contains no harmful heavy metals (Lead, Mercury, etc.)
  • Contains no phthalate plasticizers
Minimize a release of harmful substance
  • Minimize a release of Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC)
  • Satisfies the standards of large chamber tests
Design Differentiation
  • A variety of premium patterns and colors to choose from
  • Embossing creates an elegant look
  • Reproduces metal look with the texture of real SUS (Stainless Steel)
Excellent PUR (Polyurethane) processability and adhesiveness
  • Adds anti-fingerprint function to metal products
  • Excellent PUR (Polyurethane) processability and adhesiveness
Material Thickness Width Uses
PET 0.4mm 1,260mm Foreside of furniture
FURNITURE PP (Furniture body material)
Eco-friendly Material
  • Contains no harmful heavy metals (Lead, Mercury, etc.)
  • Contains no phthalate plasticizers
Minimize a release of harmful substance
  • Minimize a release of TVOC
  • Releases no Toluene (Sick Building Syndrome-causing substance)
Design Diversification
  • A variety of premium patterns and colors to choose from
  • Creates more pleasant spaces with high practicality
Material Thickness Width Uses
PP 0.08mm(1Ply) 1,260mm An overlay of furniture body
  • REAL Series
    It overcomes the limitation of film by applying high-resolution print patterns and detailed embo together to reproduce more vibrant and vivid textures.
  • TEXTURE Series
    It stands out with its detailed embo and creates stylish spaces through a diverse group of colors which trendy embo patterns are applied.
  • SATIN Series
    KCC Glass’ self-developed UV Imprinting process is applied to create elegant mood through gentle sheen and high luminance.
  • PURE Series
    A diverse range of solid colors allows an application of various glosses according to the tastes of customers.
  • PP Body
    KCC Glass’ PP body material satisfies the various quality standards including eco-friendless and durability.
REAL Series
SATIN Series
PURE Series