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This is the future that KCC GLASS Corporation presents to the world.

KCC GLASS Corporation was established as a spin-off from KCC Corporation on January 2, 2020, in order to strengthen management efficiency and expertise in Glass, HomeCC, Flooring, Film and Interior Stone, as well as to respond quickly to changes in market environment and policies by separating the company’s B2C business.

We are focusing our corporate competencies in developing “ONE AND ONLY” high value-added products that will lead the global market by developing and applying energy-efficient and eco-friendly technologies in the architectural material and glass industries that we have acquired over the course of our history.

Furthermore, our total interior brand HomeCC proposes a better living environment for customers based on our understanding of their needs and technical expertise in architectural and interior design materials, with the aim of earning their trust and ultimately offering an ideal life space to each customer.

Going forward, we will strive to enhance our corporate value by upgrading our business quality competitiveness and pursuing customer satisfaction management.

Based on understanding of techniques in construction and interior materials and customers, KCC Glass is committed to creating an ideal living environment based on the trust, extensive technical expertise and insight into the needs of customers as a total interior brand, HomeCC.

In December 2020, we merged with Korea Autoglass Corp., which was an automotive safety glass manufacturer to secure a growth engine to improve our competitive advantages and combine the core competencies of the two companies. Through these changes and challenges, we are going to strengthen our position as a leading glass and interior manufacturer.

Going forward, we will continue to improve our competitive edges and customer satisfaction to increase our corporate value. We appreciate your continued support and interest.


Address (HQ)

587, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul

Date of Establishment

Date of Establishment

January 2, 2020

No. of Employees

No. of Employees

(As of December 31, 2023)



1,680,056 Million KRW
(As of December 31, 2023)

Business Areas

Architectural Glass

KCC GLASS Corporation’s Architectural Glass is the perfect choice for both interior and exterior windows. It offers optimal level of visible light transmittance and colors for the best outside viewing experience adding beauty and value to the buildings.

Automotive Glass

Block UV radiation and reduce solar heat to create a comfortable driving environment as well as enhanced visibility.

Coated Glass

KCC GLASS Corporation’s Coated Glass is the perfect choice for creating pleasant indoor environment all year long thanks to excellent insulation and energy-saving benefits as well as protection against solar heat. Multiple color options complement the exterior designs of the building.

Automotive Safety Glass

The bonding and reinforcement process enhance the protection against internal and external impact to ensure the safety of passengers while providing additional comfort through various convenient features.


HomeCC is an interior design brand that specializes in distribution and installation of various interior products and building materials produced by KCC GLASS Corporation.


KCC GLASS Corporation’s Flooring offer the most valuable space to customers by adding optimal functions and designs to living spaces that become more segmented and diversified.


KCC GLASS Corporation’s VICENTI, a surface finish applicable to furniture and molding materials featuring outstanding colors and patterns, greatly influences the atmosphere of living and office space.


KCC GLASS Corporation’s UV imprinting film enhances the design value of premium home appliances through various and delicate patterns, offering visual satisfaction to customers by expanding business areas to building interior and glass products.

Interior Stone

With its wide-range of color and material options, KCC GLASS Corporation's Interior Stone can be applied to various spaces such as residential and commercial spaces.

PHC Pile

PHC (Pretensioned spun High strength Concrete) is a high-strength pile manufactured using centrifugal force and a key material that can ensure the foundational stability of building structures.